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Long Yoga Mala
€ 39.00 € 69.00

Long black yoga mala. The string used for this mala is 8 colored string which represents the eightfo..

Chakajan necklace
€ 79.00

JohannaN, Chakajan necklace. An eye catcher, this stunning and cute bicycle necklace. The bicycle sh..

Horn Pe ring
€ 66.00

JohannaN, Horn Pe ring. Did you know that "Pe" means goat in Thai? This perfect and stylis..

Dancing Golden Leaf
€ 59.95

Juliverse, Dancing Leaf Golden Necklace with a beautiful and delicate, fair trade, sweet water pearl..

Petite Silver leaf
€ 29.95

Juliverse, Petite Leaf silver earrings. Beautiful earrings that you can wear together with the ..

Petite Golden leaf
€ 29.95

Juliverse, Petite Leaf golden earrings. Beautiful earrings that you can wear together with the Danci..

Triple Braided Maple Leaf
€ 24.95

Juliverse, Triple Braided Silver Maple Leaf bracelet. Elegant and stylish bracelet, the perfect acce..

Fatima Bracelet
€ 19.95

Juliverse, Fatima Bracelet. Beautiful, Burgundy colour, leather strap with Hamsa (hand of Fatima) ch..

Linden leaf Gold
€ 29.95

Juliverse jewelry, Golden Linden Leaf. Beautiful elegant and stylish. Juliverse managed to capture t..

Linden leaf Silver
€ 29.95

Juliverse jewelry, Silver Linden Leaf. Beautiful elegant and stylish. Juliverse managed to capture t..

Dancing Silver leaf earrings
€ 39.00

Juliverse, Dancing Leaf silver earrings. Beautiful earrings that you can wear together with the..

Amber earrings
€ 27.00

Nouseva Myrsky, Amber earrings. These lacy looking earrings are made from rhubarb tanned leather. Th..

Bubbling Bracelet
€ 42.00

Nouseva Myrsky, Bubbling Bracelet. Nouseva Myrsky means Rising Storm in Finnish, did you know t..

Horn GwangKoo necklace
€ 66.00

JohannaN, Horn GwangKoo necklace. This stylish dear is handrafted and made from brass. The pendant i..

The Hef necklace
€ 125.00

Dutch Basics, necklace The Hef. The 'Hef' chain necklace is elegant and delicate. It has a t..

Long Chain Cylinder earrings
€ 70.00

Dutch Basics, long chain Cylinder earrings. Stylish, elegant and feminine. These earrings can be use..

Single drop Tui
€ 50.00

Dutch basics, Single drop earring The Tui. Inspired on the cable bridge and part of the Bridge jewel..

Chains Studs Long Earrings
€ 70.00

Dutch Basics, Chains studs long earrings. Beautiful set of earrings. The Chains design is part of th..

Chains necklaces
€ 135.00

Dutch Basics, Chains necklace. This beautiful delicate, yet sturdy necklace is part of the Classic J..

Chains bracelet
€ 105.00

Dutch Basics, Chains bracelet. This beautiful delicate, yet sturdy, bracelet is part of the Classic ..

The Tui stud earrings
€ 45.00

Dutch Basics, The Tui stud earrings. These stud earrings feature a triangle inspired on the lift bri..

The Tui adjustable ring
€ 85.00

Dutch Basics, The 'Tui' Broad adjustable design ring has a modern classic look and is inspir..

The Ruit knuckle ring
€ 65.00

Dutch Basics, "The Ruit" fine adjustable knuckle ring. The 'Ruit' knuckle ring is ..

The Hef Ring
€ 85.00

Dutch Basics, Adjustable Ring "The Hef, with an open front design. The 'Hef' Broad adju..

The Hef bracelet
€ 105.00

Dutch Basics, The Hef bracelet. The 'Hef' bracelet is inspired on the lift bridge and it'..

The Circle necklace
€ 139.00

Dutch Basics, The Circle necklace. It's one of the very first pieces made and now part of our th..

The Boog straight earrings
€ 129.00

Dutch Basics, The 'Boog' straight earrings. Handcrafted modulating the chains into an arch c..

The Boog necklace
€ 139.00

Dutch Basics, The 'Boog' fine chain pendant necklace takes it’s shape when you wear it..

Stud Earrings The Hef
€ 45.00

Dutch Basics, Stud earrings "The Hef". Featuring a triangle inspired on the cable bridge, ..

Gold Cylinder bracelet
€ 105.00

Dutch Basics, Gold Cylinder bracelet. The Cylinder bracelet is a beautiful minimalistic bracelet fro..

Drop Earrings The Tui - single piece
€ 50.00

Dutch basics, drop earrings The 'Tui'. A fine and delicate drop earring, it's beauty is ..

Cylinder necklace
€ 125.00

Dutch Basics, Cylinder necklace. Cylinder pendant necklace has a simplistic elegant design with only..

Coins Earrings
€ 70.00

Dutch Basics, Coins earrings. The Classic Coins Earrings are feminine and part of the Classic collec..

Big Creole earrings
€ 70.00

Dutch Basics, Big Creole earrings. The 'Ruit' Creole earrings are modern and are inspired on..

The Ruit earrings
€ 45.00

Dutch Basics, The Ruit stud earrings. The 'De Ruit' are inspired on the geometric diamond sh..

The Tui Bracelet
€ 105.00

Dutch Basics, The Tui bracelet. The 'Tui' chain bracelet is a delicate jewelry inspired on t..